Monday, January 2, 2012

What is a Virtual Employee?

The Virtual Employee is an Internet-enabled, post-9-to-5, technology-injected modern employee. More simply, he or she is an employee of a company, non-profit, or government entity who can, with the right technology, do her job effectively and efficiently from any location, at any time. The Virtual Employee is a whole new mindset.

Being the best Virtual Employee will take work. You will need to adapt quickly to the ever-changing technological landscape. There is no time clock, no “out to lunch.” Technology doesn’t sleep; servers crash at 3AM, virtual storefronts go down at lunch and that report needs to be ready by 5AM eastern time even though you are on the west coast. Like it or not, you woke up today in a world economy where every business has some sort of global connection. Adaptation is essential in order to survive and thrive as the best Virtual Employee.

I am a Virtual Employee and this site and my forthcoming book are dedicated to helping you become better, happier, more productive employee. I will take you on my journey of how I struggled to find a better work-life balance. I will confess to you the incredible results of my hard work as I made becoming a Virtual Employee work for me, my employer and my family. I hope this information will help open your eyes and mind to the world you already live and work in.  I want to give you the tools and information to be a better person and a better employee, a Virtual Employee!